Monday, November 18, 2013

Blue Silkie Cockerel For Sale

For sale : Blue Silkie cockerel, 6 months old.

Meet Oreo, a young Blue Silkie cockerel from one of our Blue/ Splash breeding pens.  We've kept Oreo as one of our future show birds and breeders and grown out this gorgeous boy over the past 6 months. 

He's as sweet as can be and loves to cuddle and talk.  We're all head over heels for him and had planned to show him this week at the local Virginia Poultry Breeder's Association's 2013 Fall Show.  He's gentle with kids and seems to get along with any of the ladies and even most of the roosters as long as they're not being aggressive towards him.

Oreo has nice, black feet with proper toe spacing.  As you can see from his picture, this little man has a full beard and is growing in a nice crest.  His crest and cushion are still full of pin feathers and his cushion is already decent for a young cockerel.  When  he's standing properly, he's also showing nice type.  Can you tell we love this boy?

Unfortunately, Oreo began to grow in some leakage over the past month.  He has gold leakage around his hackles and so he won't make the final "cut" for our program.  We have too many others growing out to keep him based on this flaw. 

We would love to see Oreo go to a good quality, loving home.  For this reason, although we have him listed for $25 on most of the poultry selling sites, we're willing to sell him to one of our readers or customers for only $15 to a nice home where he can be the only male with some ladies of his own.  Kids would be a plus as he dearly loves my son. 

Our small farm is located in Partlow, Va or we can deliver Oreo to the VPBA Fall Show this coming Saturday since we will be there for the kids to show their other birds.  We would love to find the perfectly matched home for Oreo as he means a lot to us.  Thanks!


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