Wednesday, April 8, 2015

The Egg Basket is Four Corners Rabbitry (-:B

If you follow us on our Facebook page, then you already know that we sold most of the farm just before Thanksgiving last year.  My health continued to decline after the issues last February and sadly it became too much for me to keep up with.  

You may have even noticed that thankfully, after a long transition with Facebook, our page has now officially become Four Corners Rabbitry.  It's finally consistent with the changes we've made to our show and breeding focus, website, and this blog.  All of my old articles and information is still here, I left it for future use and because- hey- I worked hard on it and I'm sure it's information is still valuable to other homesteaders.   Gardening, baking, homeschooling, and other homesteading will still be a part of our lives (and my blogging) but in a suburban setting and a larger shift comes in our breeding and showing switching to our rabbits. 

The Egg Basket has become a small family rabbitry,  Four Corners Rabbitry and we are enjoying the new journey immensely.  Four Corners Rabbitry for the four corners our yard now has and the children and I being the four corners of it.   We are specializing in our lionheads still and have also added Holland Lops.  Our lionhead program has improved by leaps and bounds!

The blessing of it all is that we were able to find a home very close to family, one that cut my husband's commute by over an hour, positioned me much closer to my cardiolgist and pulmonologist, closer to my son's classes, and allowed us to continue showing and breeding our beloved rabbits. 

Without the farm to care for, we have been able to travel to shows for the past couple of months, I can focus my energy on my family and home and we are finding the rabbits to be a great joy and full family hobby (yes, even my dear husband has a few!)  We are happy and the rabbitry is already successful I'm happy to report.  I'm going to be posting our most recent three shows and the outstanding wins the kids have had at them in the next day or two.  In the meantime, if you're curious, you can view our beautiful herd on our new website.   Check out the Nursery page for the newest little kits- if you think baby chicks are adorable, wait until you see the rabbit babies!