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Meet the Flock ~ The Blue & Splash Silkies

Meet the Flock ~ Our Wonderful Blue & Splash Silkies
It's been awhile since I've introduced you'll to the chickens that make it all happen here at The Egg Basket.  We've really been moving things around, adding new Exhibition birds to our flock, hatching a TON of chicks, and making decisions on where we want to go with our lines.  I think we're finally where we want to be (for now ;)) with our breeders, layers, and lines. 

One of the runs we've made quite a few additions to is our Blue & Splash Silkie flocks.  Chance made the impressively responsible decision to focus on his Blue/Splash variety Silkies and sold his Golden Lakenvelders (we are no longer carrying that breed) to make room.  It was a difficult but important decision in ensuring he has the room to continuously improve on his line.  We added some gorgeous new birds and we can't wait to introduce you to our new and complete Blue & Splash Silkie flocks.

The Strong Handsome Roosters~ 
Now, you'll know I'm a fan of roosters.  I've been known to stand up for them time and time again and I truly dislike the way they're treated amongst many who raise chickens.  I'm for the humane treatment of ALL animals but I also think roosters, in general, get a "bad rap."  I digress, here meet two of the sweetest roos you'll ever see.  Our two Splash Silkie boys are true gentlemen!

Meet Jordan!
Jordan (in an awkward angle and with a fresh crest cut above) was our first Splash Silkie rooster.  He's been with us since he was just a few days old.  Jordan was named Seleena for many months, but don't tell him that!  He's grow into such a handsome rooster!

He's friendly and caring to his ladies.  How in the world would we know a rooster is friendly to his ladies?  Well, whenever we provide treats or he finds food while free ranging, Jordan calls to his ladies and alerts them to it.  A lot of roos do this, but Jordan will not ever eat it until his girls have all had some first!  Whenever they're out free ranging, if one of the other roosters back in the coops make too much noise while his women are trying to enjoy some grazing time, Jordan runs (in his chubby legged funny little way) right back over to the coops to huff and puff at them!

As I mentioned, Jordan's crest looks light right now because we gave him a well-meaning "haircut" after housing him in his breeder's coop/run.  Sometimes this is necessary for Silkies so they can see better to, "get the job done" when breeding.  In his prime, pre-crest cut, (below) Jordan was an excellent show cockerel.  He most recently placed 1st Cockerel at the State Show here in Virginia, the VPBA Fall 2012 Poultry Show.  He may head back into some later Fall shows this year after he grows that glorious full crest back out but we'll see.  He may be a "made man" these days!


Meet Toby!

I knew from his first day here that Toby was the perfect fit!  Right out of his shipping box from a long Two day trip from North Carolina, rather than being high strung or frazzled, he let Chance hold him and he even fell asleep in his arms as Chance rubbed his crest!  Not all roosters are so docile!  This was Toby's first day- first HOUR with us after we picked them up from the post office.  You can tell because he still has watermelon in his beard from the fruit his other kind mama put in the box to keep him well during his journey to us!

Toby and Jordan could have been twins with their gentle personalities!  I couldn't have chosen more perfect roos for these pens.  I, in fact, did not choose Toby but a dear, caring friend did.  She said she knew in her heart that he and Chance were perfect for each other! It doesn't get better than that, now does it?  Toby has proven himself to be better and better with each day he's been with us.  He's also gentle and kind with his hens and Toby and Jordan even free range their ladies together now without any issues.  They are probably the ONLY two roosters we can do this with and not be on guard for any trouble! 

Not only is Toby a complete gem as far as personality but...WOWSA! Look at this man! He's an incredibly good looking Silkie rooster.  Chance absolutely can NOT wait to show Toby at the next show he can!  Toby has already been shown successfully by his previous owner and won in Three different states!!! It doesn't get much better than that, except he's also an amazing breeder!  We're so blessed to have Toby running our second Blue/Splash pen and VERY  grateful to have him as part of our flock for so many reasons!

The Pretty Caring Ladies ~

Meet Sassy!

Sassy is the sweet, gentle mama hen of the Blue/Splash pens.  She's 2 1/2 years old and has the maturity and kindness of an older woman but still blesses us with gorgeous chicks.  Sassy has been a successful show champion and is a prime example of beauty & grace.

Meet Luna!
Now, a group wouldn't be a group of any kind without at least one Drama Queen!  Luna is the "Bad Girl" of the bunch.  She's feisty and likes to have things her way among the other hens.  Luna insists on having her fair share of "personal space."  She adores Chance and enjoys his company so long as the other hens don't crowd in!  Luna is 1 1/2 years old and also has her fair share of wins in her show belt.

Meet Blueberry!
Blueberry is a working beauty!  If there's dirt, compost, pine chips around, this girl is going to dig it. She's the miner and housekeeper for the pen, constantly scratching and moving the soil around.  When the runs need to be raked, Blueberry's is always the easiest because she's composted it all for us!  Between her mining and her eating habits, she keeps a messy face, Chance stays busy keeping her beard clean!  Another Show Winner, Blueberry isn't your typical beauty queen, she likes to roll her crest back and get scratching and unearthing wiggly treats as much as any LF farm bird. 

Meet Jade!

One look at Jade and you see type and crest!  Chance has nicknamed Jade, "Pom Pom" because of the perfectly fluffy, round crest she sports.  On other days we call her the Tornado Jade because of the fast pecks she can hand out to the younger juveniles that try to face her.  Most of our seasoned juveniles know Jade has no patience for them and doesn't want to bother with having her place in the pecking order challenged.  She saves all of her lovely attention for us and Jordan!  She's known to fall asleep in our laps once she's completed her grazing and wants a nap. 
Meet Jackie!

I'm sure you see a theme here, I think ALL of our chickens are sweet and amazing!  I guess that's how all Farm Moms feel! Jackie is another snuggler, and she loves to talk to us.  If I make the mistake of approaching the runs or coming to let Miss Jackie out with ANY type of food in my hand, Jackie baby lets me know!  She's a chatterbox always talking to us and letting us know her thoughts!  She wanted me to let her fans know that she just finished hatching and brooding a chick for the first time so she's a little light in the cushion and crest right now, it will fill back nicely and she'll be back entering the show arena by Fall!

Meet Lilac!
Ah! The lovely Lilac.  I've been a fan of this girl since we hatched her 6 1/2 months ago.  Lilac is a Blue split to Lavender Silkie pullet.  She's absolutely stunning (and kind of course!)  I'm in love with her wings, her cushion, her look!  Lilac is quiet compared to Miss Jackie but just as loveable.  She's been laying for just a couple of weeks now and we'll begin setting her eggs in a couple more.  Lilac is currently housed with Jordan and I can't wait to see the beauties they produce!

Jordan with his girls.

The Younger Blues~
Meet Meaty!
Meaty is quickly becoming one of my favorite juveniles.  Meaty was the very first offspring of Jordan and Jackie hatched 1/29/13.  He's a talker like his mom and a gentle snuggler like his Dad.  This boy is for sale - most days! I continue to hang on to him because I've fallen in love with the young cockerel but he will eventually need to go to a home with his own ladies.  Meaty has exceeded our expectations and we're very proud to have hatched him.  As the first of Chance's "line" he proves there are great things to come from our Blue/Splashes!

Love what you see?  We do occasionally have chicks and/or Fertile Hatching eggs available from our Blue/Splash Silkie lines.  Visit our website here for what we currently have available or to be added to our waiting list. 

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See you soon!


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