Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Free Ranging in Photos...

Free Ranging in Photos...

I realize I haven't posted our next link in the show series, have been a bit under the weather here...Fall :)... I finally was able to spend some "quality" time with my flock and kids today just hanging out (and it wasn't pouring rain! yay!) and letting the chickens free range in decent weather.

When they're not in breeding season or currently breeding, we have a mixed flock for the most part.    I love letting everyone free range together and enjoy so much time outdoors to forage, hunt, peck, run, and just be chickens however they please!

Since photography is another of my hobbies/passions I thought I'd share some of the photographs I took today while relaxing with my family- feathered, furred, and human!   I hope you're having great weather and enjoying the fall where you are!

This last photo is blurry but the BEST moment!  Our four new Paint Silkie Chicks were free ranging for the first time and Victoria SCORED a tiny little worm!  Of course, the others were running behind her to take it, just like the "big guys!"

What a needed day enjoying our flock and the outdoors with my kids!  Tommorrow is suppose to be even nicer! I can't wait!



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